Carolyn Carlson brings Synchronicity to Tbilisi

I’ve always thought there is something wonderfully serendipitous and coincidental about Georgia and Georgian people. Most of the foreigners I know who love Georgia have come to it in a sort of accidental or funny way. And once you’re here, there always seem to be lucky coincidences that lead to new and wonderful experiences. It’s easy to feel that this place is synchronised in a special sort of way.

That’s why Crossroads to Synchronicity, Carolyn Carlson’s choreographic creation for six dancers, will find the perfect home at the Gift Festival in Tbilisi this year. The piece, inspired by Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, lays bare the vital aspirations that inspire us and explores these strange coincidences that resonate in us with such intensity. Upon video images directed by the choreographer, the 6 dancers plunge into deep waters of danger, rebellion, love, loss, regrets and madness. A journey into today’s and yesterday’s America at the crossroads of singular and universal memories.

Carlson will also receive the GIFT Festival Award for Perfection in Arts. She has created over 100 pieces, a large number of which are landmarks in the history of dance, including Density 21.5, The Year of the Horse, Blue Lady, Steppe, Maa, Signes, Writings on Water and Inanna. In 2006, her work was rewarded with the first ever Golden Lion given to a choreographer by the Venice Biennale.

Since I first came to Georgia two years ago, I’ve started to see synchronicity back home and in other parts of the world; in fact in all areas of my life. So perhaps Jung and Carlson are right, and synchronicity is universal – but it took Georgia to open my eyes to it.

Crossroads to Synchronicity will play at the Rustaveli State Theatre on 15th and 16th November. Tickets available here.

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