Murdered by the sky

“Murdered by the sky / Among the forms that move towards the snake / and the forms searching for crystal / I will let my hair grow.”
The voices of Morente and Lagartija Nick merge in order to begin the show. They use the immortal words of Lorca. The movement of Rocío Molina joins. A perishable dance as the bodies that surround men.
Morente, Lorca, Molina… They have been used as descriptors of Andalusian culture when they actually break with the Unitarian view of art, which has been essential to nationalism aspirations. Three creators that look for new forms through what we know as contemporary. A trinity that assume the risk of dying while trying. Those are only the first seconds of “Caída del Cielo”. Tickets are sold out. The ones who have been fast enough will have the opportunity to witness the birth of the new flamenco. A movement that is born and dies constantly.

Jorge Esda is a cultural manager and researcher from the Canary Islands. He is currently based in Tbilisi with a mobility project selected and granted by i-Portunus.

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